Great buys for Easter

Although Easter is mostly celebrated by Christians around the world, it is also marked by non-religious people. Regardless of the reasons for celebrating Easter, most families spend time together. For Christians, there is a Holy Week that leads up to the celebration of the resurrection of Christ. Starting the Sunday before Easter, known as Palm Sunday, pause to reflect on the Biblical significance of such events. Although it is seen as a time to reflect, many people search for things to do to bring family and friends closer. 

Since its origins, Easter has been a time of celebration and feasting and many traditional Easter games and customs developed, such as egg rolling, egg tapping, pace egging, confetti eggs, and egg decorating.

Holidays are great opportunities for us to spend time with our loved ones, enjoying the time together. Many people also take the opportunity to visit the coastline for the last time before the cold winter in South Africa starts. Make some plans with your loved ones to make your Easter 2021 a great one.

Herewith the 9 Greatest Ideas to do over the Easter Weekend...

Enjoy traditional meals

Enjoying a traditional Easter meal will help keep your normal routine alive. That said, there are a couple of things you may want to keep in mind:

  • Because of the risk of Covid-19, it probably is a good idea to not invite a lot of people this year. If you're accustomed to sharing a potluck-style meal, this means you'll be doing a lot more cooking than you usually would this holiday. To make things easier on yourself, consider cutting back on the number of sides you serve. You might also want to prep what you can a few days in advance, and look for quicker/easier cooking methods.

  • Currently, stores are not as well-stocked as we might like. Therefore, grabbing what you need for your special meal right now is not a bad idea.

  • Beyond colourful hard-boiled eggs, many delicacies factor into the traditional Easter meals enjoyed around the world. The foods vary by country and region and include sweet bread and pastries, meat and egg dishes, and plenty of cakes and cookies.

  • Due to the connection with eggs, deviled eggs or scrambled eggs can be a good thematic fit for your Easter meals.

  • Many people enjoy serving lamb as the main dish for their Easter meal. Think about adding some side dishes such as mashed potatoes or glazed carrots.

  • Try to use an autumn-like colour scheme. For example, use rusty-coloured plates, napkins, tablecloths, and silverware.

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Bake special treats

No holiday meal is complete without some delicious treats. Instead of viewing this as an additional chore, consider using it as a fun celebratory activity to share with your loved ones. Making some sugar cookies in fun Easter shapes and having everyone help decorate is one example of a fun baking activity. Likewise, your family might enjoy decorating cupcakes or helping bake a carrot cake together.

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Colour easter eggs

This is another fun activity that is good for all ages and brings the family together. You can use a simple egg-dye kit and make each egg a single colour, or you can get more creative using some of the ideas below:

  • Pull out the acrylic paints and create tiny masterpieces on your eggs.

  • Use a white crayon to make patterns on your eggs before putting them into the dye. The dye won't take where the crayon markings are, creating a fun look.

  • Use stickers or washi tape to add special touches to eggs once the dye dries.

  • Put rubber bands around your eggs before dipping them in dye to create interesting patterns.

  • Use school glue and glitter to create sparkly patterns on dry eggs.

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Craft away

There are tons of super cute Easter-themed craft ideas out there, and most can be enjoyed by every member of the family, making this another wonderful way to spend family time.

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Play games

Games are always a fun way to spend time with the people you love. 

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Go on an egg hunt

This is usually an activity reserved for the kids, but even if there won't be children at your celebration this year, there's no reason the adults can't enjoy a good egg hunt too.

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Take a hike with family or friends

If you live in an area where Easter marks the start of autumn, take advantage of the warm weather to celebrate the weekend. Spend Easter Sunday taking a long walk or hike along a local nature trail. If you don't live near a wooded area, you can simply take a walk through your neighbourhood with family and friends. 

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Plant something to celebrate new life. 

Easter is also seen as a celebration of life. Stop by a local greenhouse and pick up some seeds. Plant them in your yard or a pot in your home. Growing some new flowers or other plants can help you commemorate Easter.

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Take photos each year to preserve memories.

 Photos can be a fun way to remember the holiday. While having brunch, dinner, or engaging in other activities, bring a camera. Take some great photos to help you remember your Easter memories for years to come.

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