Father's day OWEB Article

“Dads are the most ordinary men turned by love into heroes, adventurers, story-tellers and singers of song”

Father’s Day is around the corner and some of us might be hitting a blank on what the perfect gift for him would be. That’s okay. That is why we are here. We have made a list of gifts to fit every daddy’s personality. The best part: They are all available right here on OWEB to save you time and money in your gift shopping endeavour.

**NOTE** Search results are sorted from lowest price to highest price.

1. Coffee Mug

For those “Coffee-lover” daddies, there are a variety of coffee mugs available to enjoy that first sip of coffee in the morning.

Dad mugs

Father mugs

2. Clothing

Winter is here and even daddies want to be warm and comfortable at this time.

For daddy’s comfort, there’s a selection of t-shirts and hoodies available.

Father shirts

Father hoodies

3. Baby Clothes

This isn’t really a gift for him, but we assure you that it will pull on his heartstrings and make him smile from ear to ear. Get a baby onesie with a message for daddy.

Daddy baby grows

4. Gaming Headset

There is still a little boy in every grown man. Where are all the gamer dads? Why not get him a headset to enjoy that quality time with his friends in comfort while blowing off some steam?

Gaming headsets

5. Cooler/Lunch Bag

Is he the kind of dad that likes to stock up on cold beverages when hanging out with his friends or while watching a game of rugby? Is he the kind of dad that prefers a fresh, tummy-filling lunch at work that lets him know you are thinking of him? Then this is the perfect gift for him.

Cooler bags


6. Gas-Braai

Trick him into offering to make dinner every night. Most dads just enjoy a good steak. Get him the right tools to make every “braai-time” memorable. Get him a gas-braai. Braaing no longer has to take 40 minutes, but just 20.

Gas braai burners

7. Braai set

If a Gas-Braai is a bit out of your budget -  don’t worry. You can still improve his braai experience by getting him a grill set and making his “braai-time” just as memorable.

Braai sets

8. Wallet

What is a man without a wallet? A leather wallet shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. You will also enjoy spending his money for him! You can make sure he has one that fits his style.

Genuine leather wallets

9. Sunglasses

Another accessory that you can add to his collection is a pair of sunglasses. He can enjoy it on your next family vacation. *When lockdown is over, of course*


10. Air Pods

Is he the kind of guy that listens to music, educate himself through e-books, listens to podcasts or maybe listen to a book or two on how to understand women? If he is, treat him to a pair of air-pods which he can use in his daily routine.

Air pods

11. Bluetooth Speaker

Maybe he is the kind of guy that likes to share his music or love of podcasts. Then take this opportunity and get him a Bluetooth speaker which is comfortable to use because no wires are necessary.

Bluetooth speakers

12. DashCam

Is he an adventurous person? Does he like going on road trips and exploring the beautiful nature our country has to offer? Give him the opportunity to capture it all and be able to save it and look back at it whenever he feels like it. A dashcam is capable of doing all that. Anyone can appreciate the security and everyone puts off owning one of these but is a must-have. Capture drive moments with ease and save yourself from trouble.


13. Fitness watch

Tired of him coming home late for dinner because his jog took a few minutes longer or some buddies kept him busy at the gym? Give him no chance for excuses. Get him a fitness watch and make him believe it’s only for tracking his health. This gift will also help motivate him to accomplish his fitness goals.

Fitness watches

14. Powerbank

Loadshedding? He didn’t get your message about washing the dishes because his phone died?  No problem. We’ve got you covered. There are so many good power banks with which he can be sure to keep his phone charged. They are so easy and hassle-free to use.

Power banks

15. Camping tent

Men like their fishing and camping. The usual excuse to get away from the women and have a weekend complaining about them. Get him a comfortable tent to improve his camping experience and witness the magic. His friends will be the only ones complaining about the women in their lives.

Camping tents

16. Hammock

Is a tent’s price a bit too steep for you? You can still get him relaxed and improve his camping weekend with a hammock.


17. Headlamp

Is he the kind of guy that loves being handy and doing things himself? Is he the DIY champ? Help him get into those small, dark places. Get him a headlamp and light up his world.


18. Hot Sauce

Does he like spicy food? Get him a good quality hot sauce and let him show you that manliness.

Hot sauces

19. Fleece Blanket

Warm-up his heart with a soft fleece blanket for those upcoming cold winter nights. They don’t admit it but they also prefer fluffy and warm gifts. It also benefits wives as it rewards you with a cosy night in. He also deserves a good night’s sleep.

Fleece blankets

20. George Foreman Grill

The best memories with dad come from cooking together. This portable grill doesn’t take up much space and can grill meat as well as make a mean grilled cheese sandwich for the whole family to enjoy.

George foreman

Dads sacrifice a lot too. They deserved to be spoiled just as much as moms.

If you need to pull out a bunch of roses and run him a bubble bath to make him feel special, do it. You don’t need a lot of money to get him a gift that he will enjoy. 

That is where OWEB comes in. 

We already found the best value for money on the perfect gifts. 

We did the work for you. 

The best price on his dream gift is one search away.