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Online shopping is growing fast in South Africa, with sales expected to surge by 150% to R225 billion within five years. E-commerce only accounts for 2% of South Africa's total retail spend.

According to Business Insider South Africa, the market’s growth in 2020 has been spurred by the consequences of the global coronavirus pandemic. While brick and mortar retailers have been squeezed by stringent restrictions, online shopping has boomed. Whether for fear of safety in crowded, enclosed spaces or a heightened awareness of digital convenience, more South Africans are shopping online today than ever before.

A survey among almost 6,000 South Africans showed that the majority (61%) of respondents said they shop online due to the convenience, while 15% believe online shopping provides a greater selection of items to choose from, and another 15% reckon things are generally cheaper online. Although the South African online market remains largely untapped at only 2% of all retail transactions compared to the global average of 16%, Statista market projects that 31.6 million South Africans could be converted to online shopping by 2024 - but large challenges lie ahead. had its birth during the lockdown in South Africa, as people were bound to their homes. The idea was to create a safe environment for South African shoppers to buy and make payment in the comfort of their own homes. Besides that, prices can be compared to ensure you are not paying more for the same product. So, what is the trick? It is only for the South African market! Although it had its own challenges, they have experienced more than 680% growth in the last 90 days, in comparison to the previous 90 days, and more than 15 million visitors per month. Can you afford to miss this as an online seller in South Africa? Probably not!

Online selling can be tricky at first. You need to find your balance in the marketplace before you start making money. This could take longer than expected. From a local questionnaire, online sellers indicated the reasons they choose to link their business to the fastest growing price comparison website in the southern hemisphere:

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