Mother’s Day will be celebrated around the globe on 9 May this year. To know what you should buy your mother, it is important to know what it means to her to be your MOM. There is an overwhelming and beautiful piece at the center of motherhood that is so difficult to put into words. It is a feeling, not an explanation. Maybe that piece is best-called LOVE. It is a unique love reserved only for a mother-child relationship. And when you’ve felt it, you know it!

Motherhood is not the same for all Moms. Although the unique component is always evident between the mother and child, motherhood can be defined in different ways. Some mothers see the profound value in learning about who their children are, and then encouraging and teaching them to be the best versions of themselves.  Being a mother also means being fearless, being a positive role model, being a continuous cheerleader for every milestone her children will experience, demonstrating the abundance of unconditional love that has no end, and cherishing the countless memories that are truly priceless.

It can be seen as the greatest job in the world… a lifetime adventure, the hardest non-paying 24-hour job you will ever do, and the greatest achievement! Although it sounds idyllic, motherhood also means sleepless nights, butterflies on the coffee table, finger-painting on the wall, band-aid toes, and gapped toothed grins. Motherhood is to have your heart so filled with love you think it might explode and then have it broken all in the space of fewer than 60 seconds. To do your best and remember in the hardest of times that the tantrums will pass, teenagers grow out of it, nothing ends a bad parenting moment like a big hug, and most importantly that it’s okay not to be perfect.

Parenting is raising a child to be the best they can be. Being a mother is different: it means providing that indescribable feeling of comfort, no matter the age of the child. A mom is that person you call on that makes you feel better and doesn’t even need to say anything.

As a mother, it is my greatest hope that this acceptance and unconditional love will empower and strengthen my children as well as foster self-confidence and kindness. This is why a mother’s love is boundless, endless, seamless, selfless, and unconditional. She believes she is changing the world through her children. This is why her love multiplies and divides to embrace her children and then theirs.

This is why it is so important to know what makes her smile, laugh, and have fond memories. The small little things in life can add up to the biggest treasure in a mothers’ heart. So what should you get her? Every year it’s a personal and unique experience to make the one person who gave you life, a memorable moment that will last all year. Here are a few popular suggestions:

1. Breakfast in bed

It doesn’t have to be a lot. A frothy cappuccino and muffin will do the trick. Make it simple, yet elegant. And remember not to spill…

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2. A meal prepared by the family

There is nothing more valuable to a mother than her whole family around the table. Instead of making her cook, rather let the men do the braai, and the kids/grandkids can set the table 

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3. Flowers or plant a tree together

A mother will always appreciate the little things in life, like the smell of fresh flowers. Alternatively, a pot plant will last longer and it could be a fun project to plant it in the garden later.

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4. Her favorite chocolates

If you want your Mom to think of you every night for at least a week, indulge her with her favorite chocolates, something that will melt in her mouth, and linger for a moment

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5. A new handbag

A wise man once said a woman is known by her handbag. It is a personal item that can be functional or trendy. Make sure you find the right color and size

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6. Jewelry

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Say something forever by buying her a stunning item to remind her of you.

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7. An interesting book

Moms don’t have a lot of time to sit around, but when she finds a new, interesting book, the house can explode without her noticing. Make sure you know her interest before just buying the next bestseller and remember to leave a note on the first page. Some Moms even enjoy writing their own journals.

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8. Comfy warm snuggle stuff for winter

There is nothing better in life than to snuggle up warmly on a cold winter’s night. A blanket to cuddle in front of the fire, or just new slippers will make her feel so special and loved.

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9. Pampering

Winter is a time in South Africa where we all want to be indoors when it gets dark. We eat and got to bed to stay warm. This is the ideal time to spoil Mom with a new face mask, manicure- or pedicure set, hair mask, and sugar scrubs. Even a new fragrance will make her smile and love you even more.

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10. Art or create it!

Because Mom prefers to be indoors during the cold winter months, it is an excellent time to start a new hobby. If she likes to crochet, knit, paint, etc already, just find her a new product. Otherwise, it will be good to introduce something new like scrapbooking, dotting, quilting, etc. It can even be something that you can do with her like building a puzzle, She will always love to spend time with you, no matter your age.

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Life does not come with a manual, it comes with a MOM!


What is a Mother?

A mother is someone to shelter and guide us,

To love us, whatever we do,

With a warm understanding and infinite patience,

And wonderful gentleness, too.


How often a mother means swift reassurance

In soothing our small, childish fears,

How tenderly mothers watch over their children

And treasure them all through the years.


The heart of a mother is full of forgiveness

For any mistake, big or small,

And generous always in helping her family

Whose needs she has placed above all.


A mother can utter a word of compassion

And make all our cares fall away,

She can brighten a home with the sound of her laughter

And make life delightful and gay.


A mother possesses incredible wisdom

And wonderful insight and skill-

In each human heart is that one special corner

Which only a mother can fill!

Author: Katherine Nelson Davis